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Origin Manufacturing is the UKs leading wholesale pound shop supplier that provides pound shops, discount stores and bargain centres with a wide selection of high-quality pound lines from a wide choice of extensive ranges that include:


Wholesale Baby Pound Lines Wholesale Cleaning Pound Lines Wholesale DIY Pound Lines
Wholesale Electrical Pound Lines Wholesale Home Pound Lines Wholesale Medical Pound Lines
Wholesale Party Pound Lines Wholesale Personal Care Pound Lines Wholesale Pet Shop Pound Lines
Wholesale Seasonal Pound Lines Wholesale Office Stationery Pound Lines Wholesale Toy & Gadget Pound Lines


All of our carefully selected wholesale pound products are guaranteed to be fast moving lines that will generate all year-round sales with high profit margins that will increase significantly during busy seasonal periods, including Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

If you are a pound store, an independent retailer or a discount centre and you would like further information about our fantastic selection of wholesale pound lines, please contact us by email info@originmanufacturing.co.uk and a member of our sales team will be happy to help you.

We offer advice on which pound lines products to stock, how to merchandise your pound store and how a pound line section in your store would improve customer footfall.


Why order from us?

  • Top selling lines based on our own past retail expertise with categories including stationery pound lines, electronics pound lines, medical pound lines, health and beauty pound lines, pet care pound lines, cleaning pound lines, toys pound lines and seasonal pound lines.
  • You can buy small carton quantities, with many of our products packaged in twenty-four units per carton so you aren’t sitting on surplus stock.
  • We use our extensive experience sourcing in the Far East to regularly develop new and exciting ranges and ‘trend’ items.
  • We only work with a trusted network of suppliers and we have an in-house quality control department so that our products comply with relevant legislation, ensuring customer confidence in our own-brand products.
  • We have an in-house design team who create original and eye-catching designs to maximise sales for you.
  • We can offer you advice on merchandising, current trends and seasonal best sellers – what to buy when based on proven sales history from one of the UK’s biggest discount retailers. We can help you to make the right choices if you are starting your business or we can offer crucial insights and suggest new approaches if you are an experienced and established business.
  • Quick turnaround – we hold large quantities of our product ranges in our warehouse so that we have big quantities readily available to dispatch immediately.
  • Fast delivery time – Orders placed before 10 pm Mon to Fri will then be dispatched in two working days. Orders placed on a weekend will be dispatched the following Wednesday. 
  • We can offer you a credit account with us for easy ordering*
  • We have a purpose-built showroom in Barnsley, West Yorkshire where you can view all our products or our highly experienced, friendly sales representatives to offer first-class guidance on ordering, our product ranges and our website.
  • Free delivery on all orders above £500 net.

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Origin Manufacturing - #1 Pound Shop in the UK


Who would say not to connect with a trustworthy online pound store in the UK? However, the challenge is for one to find a reliable partner, especially in a market where false advertising has become the norm rather than the exception. Luckily, you certainly have landed at one of the few trusted pound shops online, where you can find an extensive collection of products. Our selection of products includes baby products, wholesale cleaning products, wholesale DIY products, electrical items, and more. You only need to scroll through our products and find something that will fit your requirement perfectly.

 At Origin Manufacturing, we recognize the significance of providing fast-moving, high-profit lines that can generate sales throughout the year, particularly during peak seasonal periods such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. This is why we have meticulously curated our Pound Wholesale Manchester selection to ensure that they meet our standards of superior quality. 


Why Order from Us? 


We are the go-to pound wholesalers in the country. When it comes to your search for a pound shop near me, you cannot find a better companion to help you out than us. Still not sure why you should connect with us? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should order from the premier Pound wholesaler in the country.

  • We offer top Selling Lines Based on Our Expertise 

We are highly experienced in the field and use our expertise to identify top-selling lines in each of the offered categories. At our pound stores, you will find all sorts of products, including kitchenware, cleaning suppliers, and more.

  • Small Carton Quantities 

We are well aware that no one likes to be sitting on a surplus stock in their inventory; after all, it only adds to the operational costs. For small businesses, it can easily tie up a lot of their resources. That is why we offer small carton quantities, with many of our products packaged in small cartons. This enables our clients to order precisely what they want and how much they want without any worries.

  • In-House Quality Control 

Origin Manufacturing is a name that is synonymous with trust and quality in the market. We have worked hard to create this reputation, and a lot of credit for that can be laid upon our in-house quality control department. We work with a trusted group of suppliers, allowing us to offer our clients the finest products in the market confidently.

  • New and exciting ranges 

We are always looking for something new in the market that can be of use to our clients. With our extensive experience sourcing products from the 'Far East', we regularly develop new and exciting lines for our subscribers.

  • Fast and Hassle-free delivery 

Finally, with us, you can be assured of a hassle-free and quick delivery of your order. Nothing is more important than our customer's satisfaction, and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that such is the case with every order.

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